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delta tule fog in the central valley. live doppler dry this morning, it will be dry during the daylight hours. increasing clouds and cooler breeze, cooler than yesterday, low to mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to low 60s around the bay and mid 50s to low 60s inland. rain is on the way tonight and tomorrow. quiet now, overnight roadwork in lanes. roadwork north part of the span of the golden gate bridge other than that traffic flowing nicely, two lanes both directions. fog-free over the waldo. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville left lane blocked with roadwork until 5:30. eastbound 580 to north flynn
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three left lanes blocked with roadwork until 11:00. westbound moving nicely. today uc berkeley will announce a dream come true for hundreds of undocuments students, hundreds will get help paying tuition. terry mcsweeney was live at cal with a preview. >> reporter: uc berkeley pushing the envelope again setting up not just a scholarship fund but the largest scholarship fund for undocumented students in the united states. look at pictures of students about 200 estimated are going to be helped by what is called the dreamer's fund which will begin with a million dollar gift from a foundation students from 20 countries will benefit not eligible for federal grants, loans or work study positions.
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the chancellor pushed to have this program in place. >> i thought this isn't fair. furthermore, these are extraordinarily talented people. in the current era with an of the challenges we have in california, we cannot afford to waste this kind of talent. >> reporter: the scholarships kick in next fall. another gift of $300,000 with will support new resource center at cal. that largest scholarship fund for undocumented students begins next fall here at uc berkeley. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we hope to learn this morning the identity of the pedestrian killed in san francisco hours after a new campaign was launched to reduce such accidents. it happened in the financial district yesterday at beale and market. a man in his 40s was crossing the busy intersection 2:third -- 230 when he was hit.
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the driver is cooperating this is the 18th pedestrian fatality of the year within more than last year already. the -- one more than last year already. the city is urging drivers and pedestrians to be more careful and alert this time of year when more people are out. this morning san francisco police on the hunt for the person who shot a man in the mission district. officers responded to reports of multiple shorts fired near 14th street before 8:00 last night. they found the victim lying in the street. members of the gang task force were on the scene. this morning, pleasant hill police are investigating another pipe bomb incident. device was spotted outside office of pleasant hill elementary school yesterday afternoon. they were able to safely remove the device. police say it could have done significant damage if it had gone off. classes had been dismissed for
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the day. friday police arrested two teenaged boys on suspicion of blowing up a mail box with a homemade device. the boys had a
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>> reporter: it is a marine mystery. the skid began washing up sunday. >> probably thousands, a lot. >> reporter: by the end of the day, most of the skid had been eaten, the seagulls have been gorging themselves. >> our dogs wanted to go after them. they had their full. >> reporter: researchers with the hopkins marine station are trying to figure out why these humboldt skid ventured out of their native waters. >> this is the first time i've seen skid and definitely the first time i've seen really big skids. >> reporter: those are just babies the adults grow to six feet long, 100 pounds, researchers say these squid were juveniles unable to make it out to sea. >> yesterday some of them were alive, moving, and their
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bodies were intact. >> reporter: this the first stranding. researchers recorded smaller strandings over two months from santa cruz to pacific grove. now they will be examining the contents of their stomaches to see if they died from -- natural or unnatural causes. the last stranding was in 2004 when 1500 washed ashore along the long beach peninsula in washington state. alan wang, abc7 news. u.s. federal investigators joining the investigation into the plane crash that killed mexican-american singing superstar jenni rivera. they questions on whether the pilot or the may be to blame. >> reporter: national transportation safety board is sending a team to mexico to help with the crash investigation. meanwhile, we are learning more about the jet and pilot and whether either should have been in the air sunday
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carrying jenni rivera her friends and staff. pilot logged 19 hours on their shift and one of those pilots was 78-years-old. the small twin engine learjet 25 was 43-years-old. it had already been involved in a serious crash in 2005. all things that investigators will consider in their search for the cause of the crash. mexican-authorities say it will take up to 10 days for the initial results of the investigation it several high profile crashes involving learjets, pro golfer payne stewart -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:38.
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time for a look at the forecast. the trend is going to be towards chillier days. light rain coming in tonight and tomorrow, cooler weatherk-m+[ and conditions arod fairfield mile and may have visibility. quarter mile in novato, 101 santa rosa half a mile everybody else okay. now the temperatures. 45 antioch. 36 fairfield, 37 napa, 38 52 fremont, 45 mountain view, 44 san jose and los gatos. throughout the day we are going to see temperatures climb, but battling the clouds that will be on the increase, starting off near 40 inland
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7:00, mid to uper 40s coast and bay. noon low to mid 50s, high clouds on the increase, thicker clouds 4:00, mid to upper 50s, rain starts 7:00 north bay the rest of us cloudy near 50°. light rainfall tonight through tomorrow morning chance of scattered shower tomorrow afternoon. snow levels 3500 feet. low to mid 50s thursday and friday. good morning. quiet on the roads now, as it should be at 4:40 in the morning. bay bridge toll, light, no metering lights, no problems upper deck, overnight road work north 280 in san francisco, the ramp to southbound 101 shutdown for another 40 minutes. 880 both directions in oakland between embarcadero and fruitvale down to two lanes roadwork there. eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00 left lane shut,
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yellow sensors meaning slowing. south 101 peninsula poplar to 92 roadwork until 5:30. >> >> next, the woman who survived six frigid days in the sierra. hear the 911 call when she was discovered alive. radio station at the center of the royal prank controversy. what they are doing to help the family of the nurse who took her own life. phones and tablets ratting on your kids? ftc says mobile apps where children are collecting and sharing information, phone numbers and locations, ftc wants to require parental consent. facebook and g-mail all right this morning, both had brief outages yesterday, no word from google about the cause.
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good morning. a chilly wednesday, 4:44. bundle up if you are heading out you may want to take the umbrella too. the australian radio
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station behind the royal pregnancy hoax that led to apparent suicide of a nurse plans to make a major donation to her family. the radio station is donating profits for the rest of the year to a memorial fund to benefit jacintha saldanha. the station plans to donate half a million dollars to the fund also cancelling annual christmas party and donating that money as well. she was found dead after being tricked in a prank by two deejays to transfer a fake call from the queen to kate middleton's hospital room. thousands of protesters are expecting in lansing, michigan today. police are being called to handle angry crowds that are expected to turn out. the bill would allow workers at union represented businesses opt-out of paying dues. critics say it is a way to break unions. supporters say it is good for workers and would attract
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businesses. union backers concede they have little chance of stopping the measure passed by the republican legislature and the governor it a woman who spent six days stranded in the sierra snow is recovering from hypothermia that took her boyfriend's life. in a just released 911 recording, we hear reaction after she was found by her brother. >> reporter: days after her boyfriend's jeep got stuck on a snowy road, paula lane was found by her brother, gary acting on a hunch. - front loader to go looking for his missing sister. the resort was a mile down the road. >> the lady who was missing for days has just been brought in, in hypothermic condition. >> can you describe her condition? >> hypothermic, frostbite on the feet.
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right now we have her near the fire and wrapped in a blanket. >> reporter: the dispatcher learns that roderick clifton who left the stranded jeep the morning after it became stuck, did not survive the hike out. >> male? >> the male has passed he's still up at the lake. >> oh my goodness, okay. >> reporter: paula lane would be taken to a hospital in carson city, 36 miles away. doctors say most of her recovery emotional. george warren, abc7 news. tomorrow we are asking you to help make this holiday season brighter for our neighbors in need. kicking off the abc7 share your holiday food drive. tomorrow meet the news team as we broadcast from around the bay area taking donations. for the location nearest you go to if you with would like to meet kristen or cheryl jennings try
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coming out. >> heaviest of the rain over by 5:00 tomorrow morning. the longer you can wait to see us, the better off you will be. good morning. coming up on 4:48. embarcadero dry, breezes are light as palm trees are holding still as most flags. doppler is dry, sitting, waiting for that next storm to move in from the northwest, it will get it even when its 150 miles out we will see it before it gets to your neighborhood. clouds and fog north bay valleys, central valley rain now moving from seattle down to the north bay better part of 13 to 14 hours fast moving storm that is going to keep rainfall amounts down, low. let's talk about what is going
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on right now, 30s and 40s inland, 40s and 50s bay, not as mild as it was yesterday low to mid 40s monterey bay. more clouds, cooler conditions today, once the sunsets rain will start moving into the north bay and slide across neighborhoods tonight, isolated shower possible tomorrow afternoon, frosty mornings are on the way. today, temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s, east bay and south bay and valleys probably the warmest, you will be the last to see clouds that will dim sunshine and cool us. low to mid 60s monterey bay, tonight rain, low to upper 40s, not quite as cool as this morning. bulk of the rain by tomorrow morning in the south bay and east bay valleys. we talked about high pressure this system was going to split
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them, and it is doing it now. when it comes through, it is going to see don't have much moisture with the system, 7:00 this evening, steadier rain moving into the north bay 11:00 into the heart of the bay by 2:00, 3:00 in the morning south bay. 5:00 from the san mateo bridge south where we have the steadier rain really light by 7:00, almost over by 9:00, then some of the scattered showers will develop as we head into the afternoon. best chance of snow up to our north. rainfall amounts 10th to quarter inch in south bay, the rest of us could get up to quarter maybe half inch in higher elevations. it will introduce us to winter-type temperatures, 50s through saturday, slightly warmer sunday and monday. nice live shot of the san mateo bridge, clear and relatively light, a little
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busy towards foster city everything at the limit. 13 to 14 minute drive from hayward to san mateo typical for this time of morning. clear out of the san mateo bridge san rafael headlights headed southbound past lucas valley road, ymca towards the civic center, light roadwork waldo grade up and over to the golden gate bridge, down to one lane southbound across the bridge until 5:30. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville left lane blocked roadwork, westbound drive from antioch towards pittsburg at the limit. here's southbound and northbound roadwork through mill valley northbound from sausalito up mill valley cortamadera and that until 6:00 this morning. we are learning more about the medical condition that is keeping former south african president mandela hospitalized. he is suffering from a
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recovering lung infection. he is responding to treatment. the 94-year-old icon has been in the hospital since saturday. he spent 27 years in prison for fighting racist white rule. he became south africa's first black president in 1994 and served five years. he has since retired from public life. coming up, the search for an ouch-less shot. san jose police roll out new tool against . easy way people can
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users were unable to access pages yesterday. site says it was due to a change to its domain name system set-up which acts like
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a phone book for the internet. facebook won't say how many use affected or how long. i'm hearing from some folks 20 minutes or something like that. time for a check on the weather. >> [ unintelligible ] here's a look at what is going on today increasing clouds, 50s and 60s, closer to where we should be.;+pdr radar across the state, dry right now. afternoon hours best chance of wet weather eureka 53, 60s sacramento, fresno, 67 san diego, mid 70s l.a. and palm springs. high country 10:00 tonight through tomorrow night, four to nine inches of snow, level
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3,000 feet we could get up to a foot at higher elevations winds 50. it could be difficult getting around the sierra tonight and tomorrow. closer to home, nice look at bay bridge toll, light out this morning, no metering lights, no issues on upper deck towards san francisco roadwork ramp northbound 280 to southbound 101 shutdown for roadwork, detour in place until 5:30. 88 low both directions embarcadero to fruitvale down to one lane both directions. no significant slowing should be picked up by 5 a.m.. eastbound didn't bar -- dumbarton bridge, two lanes block. san jose police say south bay residents will have an easier time reporting nonviolent crimes online.
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the department has upgraded reporting system called cop logic. it allows residents to log on and file a report for lost property, identity theft, the system is user-friendly, residents can track information about where crime is occurring in their neighborhood, you will find a link on, click on see it on tv. scientists think porcupines my hold a key to less painful shots. the way the quills are designed reduces force it takes to pierce tissue. they think it will help them develop new needles and other instruments used to puncture skin. they say adhesive that keeps barbs in place could also have medical use. search getting underway this morning for a man last seen working on a vessel in mare island. new details on what searchers plan to do today.
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debate today in two bay area communities that could drastically cut some people's access to medical marijuana.
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good morning. 5:00 on this tuesday thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. it is chilly out there. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. air is a little drier another reason why rainfall amounts are going to below with the next system during the evening

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